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What proof do we need that our colleges & its existing process of education are certainly not equipped for developing Employability competencies which companies are expecting. On the other hand, companies are suffering heavily because lack of “Employable” resources.

Advantages of Competency Builder™

Join our guaranteed program which ensures;
  • Developing your Industry Based Competencies

  • Systematic & scientific way of New Age learning

  • Learn at your own time, pace & from anywhere

  • Employability skills based on your area of interest from day one

  • Join us from any part of the world

  • Guaranteed Placement

Why Your Institute Can’t Help You to become Employable? Top Reasons

  • Career/course Mismatch

    Lack of right guidance or selecting the right career through scientific method is missing in majority of the institutes. Hence, student opt their career not based on inherent capabilities or interest level or overall personality but just because the availability of seats in the stream.

  • Outdated Courses

    Every institute is following just those curriculum in which they are comfortable to teach. Occasionally they involve industry professionals in designing the curriculum but unfortunately either these professionals are not able to invest their time or these institutes do not take their advice seriously.

  • Untrained Faculties

    Today majority of faculties are in the teaching profession due to by default . Either they have not got corporate job or failed in corporate high culture . The other reason is many institutes are not willing to pay handsome salary to the top educationist . Also, good professionals don’t find time to go as regular visiting faculties to teach students about the current trends to B or C grade institutes. Just they can come as a “Guest Faculty” for one or two experience sharing sessions can’t make difference to students.

  • Theory & Practice

    The theories being taught by your institutes are highly outdated. No new & latest theories which are being practiced in industries are adopted. Once you come out from the college then you realized that whatever you had been taught are outdated many decades ago in the industries.

  • Training & Placement Team

    These guys are basically working more of a liaison officers as they are not trained to understand the industry’s need & requirements because of lack of their training.

  • Your Career Matching

    We will help you to find the “most suitable Career” for you through our scientific neuro brain mapping process. For instance, if you have selected “mechanical engineering” & want to go into Automobile industry, here we can help you by matching your interest level, personality, etc. that which function like production or maintenance or Quality Assurance or SCM or Design & Development suits you. This no one can

  • Industry Based Competency Development

    Based on your Career Match, we will systematically & continuously ensure that your industry based employability competency get developed over a period of time so that you can fetch the job once you finish your college.

  • Industry Based Certifications

    You can learn those Industry based practices which is neither taught nor your faculties know these. You can be not only taught but get the complete understanding as well as under the supervision of industry practioners. Every year you can get atleast 2 Industry based Certifications.

  • Learn University‘s Course Digitally

    You can learn your university’s course on-line! No need to make any subject notes in college for any subject. Yes, you will get all notes on-line along with practice test.

  • Benchmark Your Talent at National Level

    You will get an opportunity to benchmark your talent at national level with not only IIT, NIT, but with other premier institutes without leaving your place. This will help you to know your talent not after passing of your course but from the day one in your college.

Why Competency Builder™

You can rely us for Solution of
  • Developing Industry Based Competencies

  • Customized New Age Learning @ your pace

  • Employability Enhancement

  • Guaranteed Campus Placement

  • Your dream Company @ your Door step!