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Now, You Can Assess Any Competency!

Without possession of critical & relevant competencies, companies cannot grow their businesses.

Yet in today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity , Ambiguity) environment, the old ways of recruiting, acquiring, & accessing talent are no longer effective. More of the decisions are based on “subjective”. Companies that fail to adapt will likely be on the losing end when it comes to attracting the talents they need. Acquiring and accessing the talent is the most critical goal for all organization. Hence, selecting the right talent for your organization requires thorough evaluations and accurate measurement of competencies before finalizing. Similarly, continuous improvement of competencies of existing human capital is the only way to sustain business growth

We can assist you by providing an end to end solution for;

Talent Acquisition Tool (TAT)

Can one suit fits to all your employees or does all job profile need same level of competencies?

Why do you take decision based on outdated on-line test which is based on Aptitude or logical reasoning & lacking actual competencies which are actually needed in the job? All functions as well as job roles are different then why the same test for these functions & job roles? Just taking decision based on these tests doesn’t fetch any value to the organization. You can assess the potential candidates on these competencies which helps you to know the exact job fitment. We can assist you designing & executing tests for all functions & job roles of your organization within 5 working days! This will save your TA cost & time. Check case study…

How come you are using just “one” test for all functions & job roles for all positions?

When you are hiring any potential employees you can utilize on-line tests

  • Functional Tests: To check the functional knowledge of the candidates
  • Job Role based Tests: To test the role based specific competencies
  • Specific Behavioral Traits: To test role based “specific role based traits”


When you are hiring any potential employees you can ut

  • High Strike Rate
  • Lower Turn Around Time
  • Minimizes Cost
  • Profile Specific Tests
  • Simple & Easy to Understand Report
  • High Fitment Rate
For admission in colleges “Aptitude & logical Reasoning” tests are conducted but after 5 or 10 or 15 years do you find any value in again conducting the same test for employment as a Manager or Senior Manager or VP?
Customized Competency Assessment (CCA)

Assets are evaluated every year including Human Capital in terms of their competencies by those organizations who are leaders in their segment or market. Measuring existing competencies provide an opportunity to know the “gaps” & areas to focus/strengthen upon. We can assist you in doing so not only designing exclusively for your organization but within short period of time. However, despite of appraisal every year organization doesn’t have “Actual” competencies inventory in value terms for either functional/departmental wise or for overall organization. Since traditional method of appraisal whether it is bell curve method or ranking or grading or even BSC, will not provide you solution for this. We can assist you in conducting Competency Assessment for your existing employees. Check case study…

Being competent means the ability to control and operate the things in the environment and the environment itself. L. Ron Hubbard


By conducting CCA, the exact Talent Inventory of the selected employees group /function/department/organization can be scientifically evaluated

"Sometimes it’s tempting to imagine that these tests are easy to trick or to fake, because we can choose how we answer or how we respond to each question. But in reality, because we are linking your answers to actual outcomes, these tests are very difficult to fake."
  • Talent Capacity Planning
  • Individual training Need
  • Spotting Potential Talent
  • Succession planning
  • Transfer of employees based on his/her competencies

After understanding your need we can design, conduct on-line, evaluate & provide solution within defined timeline.

Surveys And Feedback

A survey or taking feedback is like a performance review for your organization. Knowing where you stand with employees or other stakeholders enables you to identify areas for improvement. Surveys pinpoint staff priorities, showing you where you should focus your efforts. Our surveys are designed to meet your business actual need. These don’t follow the one-size-fits-all mold. Rather, our surveys are customized to align with your specific business objectives. Provide in-depth data analysis and interpretation in our report. By our technology, you get instantly thoroughly analyze survey results without waiting. You will get meaningful interpretation to the results. Create customized, targeted reporting. Our reports provide the most relevant information to help you identify both strengths and improvement opportunities. You can conduct surveys & feedback for targeted group based on business unit, location or functional planning. We facilitate the process of moving from results to action in different areas be it
Polls and surveys help people play a role in the organization or society by allowing the stakeholders to know about their opinion and judgments on special and important issues.
  • Surveys for Internal Employees on Training feedback, Induction Training Feedback, Employees Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Exited employees feedback, Employees feedback on Performance Appraisal system, Feedback by newly joined employees, Employees feedback on any new policy or practice introduced by the company, etc.
  • Other Stakeholders viz., Vendors Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Distributors/Dealers Satisfaction, Community Satisfaction, etc. surveys.


With effective feedback & surveys, companies are likely to improve their ability to

  • Quick way to know organizational culture
  • Easy & scientific way to know the mood of employees, customers, distributors, vendors, & other stakeholders
  • Helps you to make more productive and effective workforce
  • Cost effective
  • Eliminate barriers that impede productivity
  • Engage employees and enhance their contributions
  • Increase customer loyalty and profitability
The precision and granularity of those scores enable companies to learn more and quickly—about their employees/customers’ opinions, so they can take appropriate action.-Forbes
Fresher Hiring

Acquiring fresh talent is tough one. It is just like searching for a “needle in a haystack”. Because presence of numerous institutes & availability of huge “unemployed” youth across the country. Evaluating all of them can’t be possible because of time pressure. Going to just a few institutes are also not the right solution as there are many talented & competent candidates who are available but due to any reason they are not able to reach you. We can assist you to spotting these competent talents instantly. Popularity of our employability test-PEAT among fresher who have been studying in final year or those job seekers youth are continuously appearing in this test year round test. You can have ready to join fresh candidates available for your company. Though our team is available everywhere in the country & outside, we can also assist you in “Campus Hiring“. Check case study…
Stop wasting money filling up your candy bowls and travelling around the country with the hopes of enticing some new grad to take a closer look at you. Forbes, May 29, 2015


With effective feedback & surveys, companies are likely to improve their ability to

  • Quick way to find Graduate/Diploma Engineers in all branches, MBA’s in all streams & plain graduates from IIT to NIT to government to private colleges across the country
  • These potential candidates are already screened through PEAT. You can select them according to your cut off score or even you can shortlist through your on-line test which we can assist you in organizing anywhere in the country
  • You can hire from any geography which will help you to maintain the right mix of candidates from the country
  • Highly cost effective within JIT (Just in Time) hiring

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