• “My Competency Builder presents an excellent example of brain mapping architecture methodology simplified for user, very innovative product and thought process which definitely will be helpful in not only improving individual’s/Student’s performance but also is very helpful in finding a path for right career choices”

    Rupinder Singh,AVP.
  • “To a fresher, his academic learning and on ground skills requirement of an organization exhibits a wide gap. On the other hand, the absence of required skill sets among fresher to take up the job compels organizations to invest couple of productive months to build skill sets among the fresher through trainings in the form of orientation. Such Competency Builder would help not only students to fit into the required role quickly but also helps an organization to put the right skills on relevant role minimizing the long gestation period of training and orientation.”

    Abhay Chaudhary, Head-Brand & Communication.
  • "Competency Builder will make students employable due to its rigorous scientific process of learning.”

    Mukesh Joshi,Sr Manager-HR.
  • I found that Competency Builder is a program that would not only stimulate application oriented learning, but would also help in building a professional competency by enhancing understanding of basic fundamentals and analytical thinking. It would certainly be a very good tool for students aspiring to take up professional courses.”

    Dr. Sandip Tiwari,Technical Director.
  • "Competency Builder is the need of the hour. It will be very helpful for both students as well as industry. Students will be able to understand and sharpen their competencies better, whereas industry gets the right potential.”

    Dr Amitabh Deo Kodwani,Sr Faculty.
  • “Planned, Rigorous process, if carried out in a right way will gives 99% output. Corporate, for sure are looking forward to acquire fresher’s who are not only full of Zeal, Confident and have secured A+ grade but need people, who know “what they have to do”, “do what they are asked to do”, and “are ready to learn”. This is the time when all the academic institutes should recognise the importance of Competencybuilding programs, the need of the hour for the students, this will make them employable

    Major A.R Rautaray,AVP–HR IndusInd Bank Limited.
  • Competency Builder can bridge the gap of industries expectations in term of fresh hires as it is really a scientific process of building competencies of students in line with our requirement. If it is truly adhered by institutes & students then I’m sure it will make students employable & effective.”

    Manish Sharma,Head HR.
  • “Competency Builder will not only enhances their employability but their overall grooming for achieving success in their career. Apart from students, young executives can hone their competencies.”

    Sanjay Shridhar, General Manager–Purchasing.
  • “Competency Builder will not only help students to develop the right industry specific competencies but will also help us to find the right candidates for our company without loosing much of our time.”

    Anil Jaiswal,Head-Plant HR.
  • "I found Competency Builder exceedingly well designed program to transform students employable. Once they go through it, I'm sure there is no way they'll not find job into the market. The required competencies are bound to be developed once they goes through this program which is really rigorous & industry oriented.”

    Ashish Jain,AVP.
  • “Competency Builder is a boon to the students who are aspiring for corporate career.”

    Subodh Mohril,Head-HR.
  • "I am impressed to see CompetencyBuilder Program which is purely scientific and realy very systematic process.I am sure this will a great learning tool specialy for competency development for students."

    Sarup Ranaut,Head-Circle HR.