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Our Human Capital optimization services involves exploring and challenging all aspects of the organization to measure the current performance against leading practice principles in order to identify both short term and long term opportunities for growth in relation to profitability, stakeholder management and operational efficiency

Our Client’s ProfileChallenges & Project Deliverables
A Finest & Well Known Ice Cream Brand serving >2,500,000 outlets
  • Sales Team wasn’t performing . Duplicity of job roles existed
  • Confusion & chaos in field sales force
  • Designed , Developed & Assessed all India Sales Team’s Competencies
  • Clarity, high performance with consistency achieved
A Century old Global Engineering Company with 7 locations
  • Management decided to radically improve the organizational performance
  • Diagnosed, designed, developed & measured competencies for few thousands employees
  • Identified “Gap” between existing & desirable performance
  • Crafted & implemented competencies based Strategy resulted into focused growth
A Rapidly Grown FMCG Company with a pan India presence
  • A lack of systematic & scientific Performance Management System resulted into high attrition of “star” performers & inconsistency in individual & team performance
  • Diagnosed & developed competencies for critical job roles
  • A competency frame work for critical functions & job roles were designed, assessed, & attrition rate was controlled drastically
A Start up Global IT Company serving to MNCs
  • Due to high demand the growth of business were compelling to hire the right talent in huge number but the work force mix must be from across the country
  • In short span of one tenth turn around time we had hired these work force from across the country
  • High strike rate within 1/8th Talent Acquisition budget these employees were sourced
A City Policy Force of a Metro city
  • Police department of Metro city were at the cross road in defining the competencies of senior officers both IPS or promotees
  • We have diagnosed, designed & assessed the competencies needed for these officers
  • A scientific system had been placed which is self sustained & is highly effective