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The performance pressure on companies today is enormous. Staying at the top or even sustaining the current performance is tough.

Growing talent continuously & systematically is the key to success. High quality assessment used at the point of talent acquisition (TA) enables you to ensure the induction of right talent. However, Competency assessment of existing employees have the greatest impact on performance & productivity in organization.

Assessment @ Talent Acquisition

High quality assessment of applicants during the TA process results in less time & money spent on training & developing employees. This enables management to focus on important strategic issues. Proper & relevant assessment reduces training costs, minimizes losses due to poor decisions, increases employee retention, boosts productivity and emanate teamwork.

Existing Employees Assessment

Effective assessment also provides huge benefits for employee development. Assessing existing employees makes employee development much more efficient and effective. Relevant assessment can enable organization to clearly understand their performance in relationship to the job requirements as well as gaps, if any in the performance. This can be a great boost to employee motivation. It can also provide managers with a means of pinpointing the development areas that will provide the greatest impact on performance.

Three Elements Impacting Performance
  • Job Fitment

    How an individual is likely to perform key activities within his/her job role

  • Competency Fitment

    Measurement of individual’s competency levels against a High/star Performer in the same role

  • Company Fitment

    The culture or team related attitudes of an individual which

We can offer you
  • Offers complete customization to specific job requirements for any job role.
  • Reports can be effectively used & applied without professional interpretation or assistance.
  • High tech on-line questionnaire that provides the equivalent of a full day of testing in just 30 minutes.
  • Use any device from anywhere for assessments.
  • Tests in full spectrum of behavioral assessments, including personality, interests, values system, work environment preferences and task preferences.
  • Unleashes subtleties and complexities of personality related to job performance.
  • Offers a complete research database of success traits for different job roles.
  • Direct high correlation with actual competencies, job & company fitment of candidates.
  • Proctoring system as a technological check ensures an extremely reliable validation of the authenticity of the answers.
  • A complete peace of mind by rendering our 24by7 service

CVs ‘which seems attractive’ are really worth for hiring? This helps you to identify the right talent in less time.

Assesses whether an individual is capable of performing in the current or proposed role.

This gives you an absolute confidence that any training & development investment will deliver measurable results.

Identifying gaps exactly where development or systematic coaching is required.

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